We're deep into hoodie and sweatshirt season, and this year everyone was given a throwback option from Todd Snyder and Champion who recreated cozy garments that guys used to work out in during the '50s. To celebrate their collaboration, Todd Snyder and Champion have opened a pop-up shop in New York City titled "City Gym," which brings back the vibe of sweaty, men's club locker room.

The shop opened this weekend, and the store is lined with crewneck sweatshirts, varsity jackets, bikes from Shinola, blankets from Faribault, and high-end athletic accessories from Leather Head.

The shop is located at 242 Elizabeth St., New York City, and will give you a trip back to when football players didn't wear facemasks and be able to get your cozy boy swagger up a notch.

[via GQ]