In 2003, Yuichiro Miura climbed Mt. Everest at 70 years old, making him the oldest person to reach the summit. Five years later, he did it again at 75 after someone broke his record. Five years after that on May 23, 2013, he summited the highest mountain once more at age 80, while still holding onto his previous record. 

Yes, 80.

With such an impossible feat for most climbers, even at 1/3 of his age, his strength and training was heavily supported by the gear and utilities he took with him, including his outerwear. The North Face proudly represented him with the Himalayan pack, which is available soon for purchase worldwide. The dual-item release is made up of a hooded parka and one-piece pant, both designed to complement each other as one outfit. Both items are heavily insulated with WINDSTOPPER technology, filled with the warmest ProDown feathers, and are both lightweight and resistant to the heavy winds, penetrating rains, sub-zero snow and treacherous ice. 

Both are available by the end of November at all The North Face retailers. The Parka is available for $743 in red, bat blue and black, while the pants are priced at $672 in black. While you'll never be as badass as Miura, at least now you won't have an excuse not to go grocery shopping when temperatures are in the single digits.

[via Fashion Press]