A massive new undertaking is coming closer to fruition, at a new mixed-use development in Detroit. While it’s only getting close to 30 percent finished, “The Garage Project,” as the series of mural installations is called, already shows some impressive results.

In conjunction with the Detroit gallery Library Street Collective, the real estate mogul Dan Gilbert is commissioning 23 artists to do large-scale work inside and out of the new building, called The Z. The artists who have completed their contributions so far include: How & Nosm, with a massive black, red, and grey piece; Smash 137 with an abstract expressionist mural on the roof; Interesni Kazki contributing a surreal post-modern parable; Tristan Eaton with a WWII/Walt Disney tie-in that’s a bit unnerving; Saner with his masked and mysterious munchkins; Dabs Myla with a more traditional take on cartoon characters; B. with bold colors; and Hense with yet another abstract piece that dwarfs the bystander. Artists who are yet to leave their mark include: Cyrcle., Revok, Gaia, Remi Rough, Sam Friedman, Maya Hayuk, Augustine Kofie, Pose, and Logan Hicks

Check out the progress shots above.

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[via ArrestedMotion]