What does it take to create some of the best-looking and best-performing rain jackets on the planet? According to Alexander Stutterheim, founder of the eponymous Stutterheim brand, it requires accepting the melancholy feelings that accompany shitty weather. Yes, Stutterheim started when Alexander found his grandfather's traditional fisherman's jacket and updated it for modern dudes living the city life, but its philosophy stems from somewhere deeper in Swedish culture. 

Stutterheim began his creative process by asking, "Is melancholy perhaps a preface of creativity?" Instead of dismissing the melancholic feels we all get amidst rainy days, or automatically pegging it as a negative mindstate, Stutterheim embraces and harnesses the feeling, which, much to our luck, has resulted in amazing gear the beats shitty weather every time. Whether you want to tap in to your deeper self, or just want to stay dry while looking fly, check the video above and start planning which Stutterheim jacket you want to cop.