Streetmachine, purveyors of Denmark's finest skate, street, and casual wares, links up with Chocolate for a double-release capsule collection.

The first—an extention of the 2009 collaboration between the two brands—is a nice throwback to the 1995 Girl & Chocolate "Brothers" print ad. There are T-Shirts and boards on deck, all of which feature designer and illustrator Evan Hecox's iconic typography. 

That's followed by "City Series", an updated take on Streetmachine's 1998 Skyline Series, which showcased the three cities where the brand had retail outposts at the time. Again, Hecox lends his typography on a set of tees. 

Available now in-store at Streetmachine, with an online release hitting the web tomorrow at 10 a.m Central European time, or 4:00 a.m. Eastern Standard time.  

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