Age: 31
From: White Ridge, Colo.

Brooklynite Peter Demos is an alumnus of the CUNY Hunter College and the Kansas City Art Institute. His solo exhibitions have taken place at his native city's The Journal Gallery and David Richard Contemporary in Santa Fe, N.M. He has also exhibited his work with other artists all over the country in places in New York like Deitch Projects, The Sculpture Center, and Mixed Greens. Demos has already started a very promising career and received recognition from the 2011 Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Studio Residency and the 2009 Tony Smith Award.

In his exhibition for RH Contemporary Art, Demos uses layering to blend traditional painting and digital image creation in a way that is so simple yet so complex. His large abstractions are made with different shades of black dyes that create a beautiful consciousness of movement. Demos is a master of texture, tones and details. The more time one spends looking at one of his pieces, the more curious they become. It is the epitome of subtlety, but in a delicate yet captivating way.

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