Rajon Rondo isn’t just scoring buckets on the court these days. The Boston Celtics baller may be passionate about the game, but his off-the-court obsession is men's style. In the first episode of Off the Court, the point guard goes on to talk about the evolution of his personal style and how he’s constantly learning the ins and outs of choosing the right outfits.

Of course, just like everyone else, he wasn’t always dressed like the current style he's dubbed “Collegiate Fresh.” In his early NBA days, everything he rocked was loose fitting and baggy. Now everything Rondo wears is tailored and consists of varsity jackets, suits, plaids, and the whole preppy look. And it also helps that he interned for GQ, where he picked up on more than a few tips for this wardrobe. However, there is one jacket he would have rather burned than wore during a post game press conference, but we all get caught slipping once in a while. Peep the video above.

[via NBA]