The New York alternative literary and arts magazine called SPOOK now has copies of its third issue available for purchase, both in digital and print editions.

The issue features an exploration of the theme of “home,” including themes of identity, displacement, memory, family, and relationships. Check out a trailer of the new issue below.

Contributing writers to issue 3 include: Josie Duffy, Complex Art and Design Editor Cedar Pasori, Cord Jefferson, Mat Johnson, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, Matthew J. McKnight, Karla Rose, Morgan Parker, Melissa Ann Chadburn and Warsan Shire, as well as art by Sadie Barnette, Kwesi Abbensetts, Andre D. Wagner, Dacia Idom, Sonia Lousie Davis and Kajahl Benes.

In addition to being available online, SPOOK is distributed by a number of bookstores in the New York City area. Check here for more information.

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