Although art and business are initially perceived as an unlikely pair, both depend on each other to survive. Artists need people to buy their art just so they can afford to live, something becoming increasingly possible today, as explored in a New York Times piece on Thursday. The five artists in this list, however, do not have to be concerned about eating dinner tonight. Sure, they did not make it this far without a lot of patience and hard work, but they have taught us that there is a lot more to making the big bucks in the art world than tenaciousness and talent. Oftentimes good luck and good timing do more for an artist than pure talent, but a risk-taking attitude can't hurt.

Here are some simple Life Lessons You Can Learn From the 5 Highest Earning Living Artists of 2013. There is no straight path to success, especially in a creative industry, so go about your craft with plenty of passion and creativity, and take some tips from these big shots.

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