EraStreetwear 2Day

"Any Undefeated tee could really be considered top fifty just because of the strength of this mark. Five stripes gets you the win in the playground. It’s just one of those genius things where Eddie [Cruz] just tapped on something and he deserves all the success that he gets out of this because of how strong of a brand he’s created with Undefeated. And how also adaptable this logo can be with different things. You can just put different fills in it. You know it goes with a side of shoes, it's just an awesome identity.

"You don’t need to see any words in it to know what brand this is. And he’s done it in such a short amount of time, too. On top of that it wasn’t like the Milkcrate logo or the Obey logo where it was a creation. Everyone knows what these five strike offs are, we’ve seen it all our lives. It's not anything massively unique. The only thing somewhat unique about it is the positioning and the thickness of the lines. But other than that it was all his marketing and his drive and his hustle and his persona that made this a logo, it's incredible."