Era: Streetwear 2Day

"You know when an art movement is so advanced, it gets to a point where it reflects on itself. It's sort of like neo-classicism. And I think this is a good example of that here. Supreme x Hanes is a very interesting collaboration because Hanes is essentially an undershirt company. To the casual user you might think that this is not a designed shirt. This is bullshit—someone put a fucking tiny little logo in the corner and called it in.

"But I can tell that in actuality what probably happened was that the designer of the shirt looked at the history of streetwear, and had seen where it’s gone from the '80s, '90s and 2000s. When this shirt came out in the late 2000s, it sort of made a statement like, 'We’re not going to do what you would expect us to do. We’re going to do the unexpected but also respect the collaborator that they're working with, which is an undershirt company.' That's the genius of the shirt.

"It's an undershirt. You wear it under your sweatshirt or hoodie, and maybe the undershirt is untucked and it peeks out from under the waistband. That’s all you see, is that little hint. In that way it’s genius. Like I said, to the casual guy it's lazy but it's definitely not. That's the genius behind great design. It's made to look totally simple. But there’s a lot of thought and weight that goes behind something like this."

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