Era: Streetwear B.C.

"This is a crazy massive one for sure. Bobbito and Strech Armstrong had the best hip-hop radio show of all-time. WKCR89 Tec9, best hip-hop radio show of all time. They asked PNB Nation to do a T-shirt for them. The T-shirt is one of the most important tees in my world because the radio show was so important, and PNB was so important. I was interning at PNB, and this shirt just means so much to me. It’s a very simple type shirt. The front just says "Strech Armstrong and Bobbito." It has the time, it says "89.9 Thursdays 1-5 a.m." And then on the back really big it said "89 Tec9," which was the name of the show.

"I remember when Staple hit its tenth anniversary. and we had our tenth anniversary event in New York where it was a big event. We had Lupe Fiasco perform, Clark Kent DJ'd, and it was a big thing. I was wearing a suit, I was sort of wearing nice clothes 'cause it was our tenth anniversary. But underneath my suit I was wearing the "89 Tec9" PNB Nation T-shirt, unbeknownst to everyone.  But to me it was important to wear that shirt because of how important that particular shirt was to the existence of my brand."