Era: Streetwear 2Day

"Nom de Guerre—one of the greatest streetwear brands. Short-lived but really tried to push the envelope on streetwear and high fashion and Japanese craftsmanship. It had so many of the right elements, and unfortunately couldn’t survive the times.

"In all honesty, it probably didn’t help that Nom de Guerre was a four-headed partnership. There were four owners involved, and when you have multiple partners it's hard. PNB was the same. PNB had four partners as well, and I think it’s an impossible task to create a company where all four partners can maintain happiness. Eventually, it’s just gonna break apart as a team.

"This Arabic all-over tee was great. This tee came out at the tail-end of the all-over print phenomenon. This is such a smart shirt because it came out probably right around 9/11, where tensions were at their highest with the Middle East. To put out a shirt in Arabic at that time was so blasphemous. It's like putting a swastika on a shirt in that sort of political climate.

"Then to do it as an all-over print T-shirt, again, it was streetwear saying, 'Fuck you. We’re gonna do what we want to do, we’re not gonna do what you say. We're actually making you have a conversation about this.' This shirt probably spawned so much conversation, and that's what was dope about it."