Era: Streetwear B.C.

"If you look at streetwear today, there's this whole category of clothing with aggressive curse words, or references to immoral acts. Whether it's naked chicks or weed leaves or curse words or pussy or whatever, there’s so many different vulgarities on shirts. It’s such a prevalent category today but back in the early-'90s, when Eric [Brunetti] formed this company, it just had this simple word on the shirt spelled slightly wrong so he wasn’t cursing, and it was genius.

"This was that shirt that as a youngster, you specifically wore this to the dinner table with your family so you would get yelled at. But then your rebuttal is that this isn't a curse word. 'F-U-C-T. I'm not cursing!' Then the parents would be like, 'Go to your fucking room!' It’s just being a smart-ass rebel, so simple and he encapsulated it very smartly. I think in my opinion, much smarter than the way people do it today."