EraThe Wonder Years

"Genius. This is genius design. Fuct is a legendary brand. This is what I call genius design. It’s original yet it is a flip on a well-known memorable image. He bastardized it by adding a dope pair of boobs in it. There’s statements about hot women being dangerous. You're fucked if you got a woman like this. You’re fucked because man is the shark and this woman is about to devour man. There are just so many levels of thought to this and that’s what I love about streetwear.

"A typical person that’s not into design or the culture, will just be like, 'Whoa dude, cool tee.' That’s level one. You can dig so many layers deep. You could talk about Eric Brunetti and the Fuct brand, you could talk about Jaws and the importance of the movie. You could talk about woman and man and how man is fucked. There’s so many levels on this.

"And then the execution of this is spot on. The illustration itself is dope, the printing is solid, the colors are great. It’s a perfect 10. Like an Olympic judge, I would put up a 10 because of just how he executed on the whole thing from A-Z is perfect." 

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