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EraThe Streetwear Explosion

"Perfect logo tee. I think the lore and rumors of who and what designed this is kind of complicated. I think A-Ron from Supreme takes credit for a lot of this. There are other people who said they did it or it was their thing, but I give the credit to A-Ron and I think it has his stamp all over it.

"From his pedigree coming out of Union and Supreme, this shirt was a perfect passing of the torch of that world. Look at Union and then Supreme and then aNYthing and you can see the lineage. The execution of it was really good, flipping on the New York Giants' logo. The name of the brand—it’s a light bulb moment. I could just imagine when they thought of this brand, this name, this logo. It's genius. It's a New York thing. It's anything. Too many possibilities."