Tartan used to distinguish different Scottish clans back when men fought with giant swords, but now it's a pattern that can take your wardrobe to the next level of sophistication. Fred Perry used the classic cross-hatched pattern as the main theme for the latest Laurel Wreath Blank Canvas Tartan collection. You won’t be marauding the Scottish highlands anytime soon, but you will, however, need a good get-up while sipping fine Scotch this winter.

The collection includes all the stylish layers you need to conquer any other plaids on the street. Polos, a V-neck sweater, a classic Donkey Jacket with yoke shoulder details, and the always reliable fishtail parka are all included. An Italian wool blend and waxed cotton fabrics ensure protection from the elements and will keep you dry while you stunt. Visit the Fred Perry website to purchase the collection today.