There comes a time in every person’s life when typical artwork just no longer cuts it. That’s when the juices get flowing and we start thinking about the art world as a sausage factory. We pump in the raw elements, shove them through a form, and out the other side comes the processed art that we’ve all come to consume without thinking of the process behind it. You know: Art. 

That’s exactly what Berlin-based photographer Karsten Wegener tackled in his Art in Sausage series. As you can see above, it’s about as literal a title as we could get for a project that reimagines famous works of art, but using sausage as the main material. He sourced the goods from local supermarkets and butchers, then worked with food stylist Raik Holst and designer Silke Baltruschat to mold the comestibles into collectibles.

Wegener writes: “Everything started with The Scream. While shopping for groceries we discovered the face in a supermarket. The packaging, the shape of the ham, the arrangement of egg, cucumber and carrot were just perfect.”

Along with Edvard Munch, other artists he interpreted include Van Gogh, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and Albrecht Durer. Check out his website for more of his incredible work.

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[via Feature Shoot]