I really like Post O’Alls for a few reasons. One, they always put watch pockets and pen slots on their shit. Two, when I was a struggle blogger with a Blogspot, the designer totally let me take photos of the collections and try shit on and he totally remembered me the next season. So yes, my love of Post O’Alls is mainly due to the effects of narcissism. But this lined denim sweetbear jacket is cool despite my personal bias. The only drawback? All those pockets. Not for aesthetic reasons, but because I can never remember where I stashed my wallet and phone, so every time I leave somewhere I panic because I can’t find my wallet or phone. Let’s be honest, I could totally lose my wallet and not be that bummed. JOKES ON YOU, IDENTITY THIEF. MY CREDIT SCORE IS LOWER THAN YOURS. But steal my phone? HOW WILL I AWKWARDLY CHECK SOMETHING INSTEAD OF ENGAGE IN ACTUAL CONVERSATION?