Jay Z has been in the art spotlight this year, starting with his "Picasso Baby" performance piece at Pace Gallery where he danced with Marina Abramovic. Most recently, he purchased a new Basquiat painting and was the subject of a creepy/cute sculpture by Daniel Edwards. Now Jay is being put alongside one of art history's most famous faces—Pablo Picasso.

As part of David Datuna’s Google Glass project, where he invites audiences to try on a pair to view his work, the New York artist is bringing a portrait of Jay Z and Picasso to Art Basel Miami Beach. The work, which features the two men locked in a stare, will appear at Contessa Gallery's booth at the fair.

"The two portraits together serve as a collective image, with Picasso embodying and conceptualizing the energy, fundamentalism, and expression of the 20th century, and Jay-Z's fragmented portrait representing modern art as an experimental puzzle," reads the press release.

Datuna's work plays with the notion of reflection and projection of identity. His medium, lenses, allows the two famous men to reflect off one another—conflating their worlds across history. By introducing Google Glass, the viewer also takes part in this reflective exchange. 

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