It's easy to forget that everything in our world that isn't natural was once designed by someone. There are some things that have remained the same for so many decades that we become accustomed to them and never think of them as needing updates. Daniel Weil of Pentagram was approached by Mothercare to design a new baby bottle and he took the project very seriously. Weil went beyond studying previous bottle designs and actually researched the evolution of parenting for the past 60 years to see how the norms have changed and how that has affected the needs and habits of parents raising infants. In the video below he explains how the bottle has evolved over time and how he was able to use that information to design a new, more efficient model. If you're like us and thought everyone still used the long 1950s-style bottle, you definitely want to check this out.

To Design A Bottle from Pentagram on Vimeo.

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[via Vimeo]