Everyone has an opinion these days, and the Internet has become a facilitator for everyone to share their opinions with the public. However, nobody's opinion can be as honest as children. Children are still learning and developing on many different levels, and are not prejudiced by experience, allowing them to say what's on their mind and not hide the truth. With the goal of bringing the raw thoughts of children online, Complex Kids asks about the current topics of the day to get a broad spectrum of what kids perceive of pop culture.

In the latest episode of Complex Kids, children are asked their thoughts on the most stylish celebrities, the best places to shop, and how they want to dress when they grow up. The answers, as usual, are adorable, and are actually a refreshing breath of air in the hyper-competitive arena of men's style. Instead of listening to blogs, publications, and other critics try to out-shout one another to get their voice heard, sometimes we just gotta listen to the kids.

Complex Style is for the children, and if you want a new source of opinion and information on the whole realm of celebrity steez and personal sense of style, watch the full clip above.

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