Chambray shirts are a pretty reliable staple item in your wardrobe. The fit may vary from time to time, but they're pretty much one of the most dependable pieces you can own.

Well, Coast-Wide is introducing some chambray shirts that really freshen up the classic workwear shirt. After constructing solild shirts with Japanese-milled fabrics, it teamed up with the Pop Studio to add some dope art on each piece. With the shirts acting as a canvas, various patterns, whether it’s a huge back piece or a small pocket detail, were sewn into the shirt to make some cool wearable art. The Cosmic Dreamer pattern with the futuristic dream catcher is a highlight, but really, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Visit the Coast-Wide website to check out the collection. And be prepared to drop a little bit more for these these masterpieces.

[via Coolhunting]