All photos by Kristine Erickson  

"Americana is dead! Streetwear lives on!" is something you are likely to hear screamed at the top of the blogosphere mountain these days. "Made in the USA" just doesn't hold the same clout to many as it did two or three years ago. Phrases like "painstakingly crafted" or "meticulously made" are exchanged for words like "assymetrical," "gothic," or "elongated" because times are a'changing. Trends move on and the urban lumberjack had his day in the sun. 

While many brands have adapted to the change in guard because relevancy is the name of the game, other brands have stayed true to tradition because it's just that; tradition. These heritage brands are "heritage" for a reason, and it's because they bring tried and true menswear to the arena that outlasts any fad. They make items that don't necessarily have to fall under a trend-riddled label because they are that dope and fit any aeshetic.

Northern Grade brought together many of these brands this past Sunday in Minneapolis for one of the best American-made menswear pop-up markets to date. While there, we got to feast our eyes and get our hands on a bunch of items that transcend trends and can be labeled as "unfuckwittable wear. If you thought this type of stuff was dead, you are sorely mistaken. These are 10 Stylish Items That Prove Americana Is Still Awesome.