Renown architect Zaha Hadid has just gone ahead and jumped ship, deciding to throw her hat in the ring as the designer of superyachts. What’s a superyacht, you may ask? We’re not exactly sure either, but the pictures above are kind of helpful in figuring that out.

The Pritzker-Prize winning designer behind too many landmark buildings to list teamed up with Hamburg-based shipbuilders Blohm + Voss for the sinewy new design of this megaship. The interweaving, almost alien beams of the decks The design is meant to mark the occasion of a new exhibition of her work at London’s David Gill Gallery.

The design of this 128-meter yacht is inspired by underwater ecosystems and fluid dynamics. Only one will be built as a sort-of “master copy.” Future iterations will take inspiration from the original, while maintaining internationally seaworthy standards.

Check out more Zaha Hadid here.

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[via Dezeen]