Topo Designs are the chill dudes who hang out in Colorado and make clothes you could either wear in the wilderness or in New York City's Soho, and the brand's fall 2013 lookbook demonstrates how versatile and functional its clothes are.

We've known about Topo and its bright fleece pullovers, but its ripstop pants that come in khaki, camo, and green look dressy enough to wear anywhere, but come with a built-in belt and can beat the trail or last on a camping trip. They're also slim enough not to look ridiculous.

Topo also has plenty of beanies, all-purpose bags, and jackets for the season. If someone tells you that you have to live or be in the city to be stylish, show them this lookbook. Dudes in the woods can get down, too. And the air might be a vast improvement.

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[via Proper]