Polish animation team Kijek/Adamski created this awesome music video for Japanese musician Shugo Tokumaru's song "Katachi." The video features 2000 silhouettes moving across the floor to the beat of the music in a stop-motion format. Each piece was created in Illustrator and After Effects, cut using a computer controlled plotter, and many of them were painted before being lined up one by one for shooting. The directors told Sabrina Merlo of Makezine that: "One picture was taken after each single shape was added to the scene. The camera was retreating 5mm each time – the exact thickness of each element. Due to a tight budget the camera was mounted on very simply dolly without tracks, so we had to be really cautious with it. Final footage is at 12.5 frames per second."

The end result of such hard work is the stunning and ambitious video below. We have no idea what it says, but the video looks very cool.

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[via Makezine]