British artist (and in-house creative for Radiohead) Stanley Donwood will follow his exhibition at The Outsiders with a retrospective exhibition at Hang-Up Pictures in London. The exhibition will features rare prints, etchings, canvas pieces, and linoprints produced over the past ten years. A highlight of the collection is the last original canvas artwork from Donwoods' "Hail to the Thief" series that went on to inspire Radiohead's Grammy winning sixth studio album of the same name.

In a statement with the gallery, Donwood had this to say about his work: “Despite the many obstacles and handicaps we have had to overcome, we have done a fuck of a lot of work; filling galleries in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Rotterdam, to name four that I can remember. Here in Stoke Newington you can see various examples of what I have painted and what the Manufactory has produced over the years. I hope you like it.” The exhibition opens on November 2 and will run through December 1. Visit the Hang-Up Pictures website for more information.

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