Italian comic book artist Francesco Francavilla challenged himself with a very ambitious and very awesome project: he created a poster for all 62 episodes of the Breaking Bad. Each poster references some key plot point from the episode, so if you haven't seen them all you may want to look away. Francavilla uses yellow, red, and orange in all of the artwork, colors that appear frequently in the series to signify the mood of a scene, warn the viewer that something major is about to happen, and reflect what the character is thinking or feeling (seriously, check out the article on IB Times if you don't believe us).

Francavilla's posters are minimalist but they do a great job of summing up each episode and it's cool to see the progression (or regression) of the complex characters through these singular images. Check out more of these awesome posters over on the artist's Tumblr.

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[via HuffingtonPost]