It should come as no surprise that the New York Police Department is less than thrilled about Banksy's presence in the city this month. The anonymous artist has gotten a lot of press for creating over a dozen works in various parts of the city and posting photos of them on his website and Instagram, but the bigger story has been the city's reaction to the "vandalism." While tons of people have been visiting the sites to take photos for their own social media profiles, a select few have taken to the streets hellbent on destroying the works within hours of the paint drying.

Mayor Bloomberg was asked about Banksy's work recently and said that it was not his definition of art and that it "should not be permitted." Police sources told The Post that they are combing through surveillance footage to find Banksy and bring in him for questioning and to charge him for his crimes. Aren't there better things that New York's finest could be doing with their time?

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[via NYPost]