Virginia's Need Supply Co. is nestled in the heart of Richmond and gets tons of exclusive clothing that you wouldn't expect to stumble upon in the South. The latest is a shipment of tie-dye button-down shirts from Gitman Vintage.

We all want to get the wavy vibes flowing this fall, and the easiest way to do this is to throw on one of these shirts from Need Supply and Gitman. They're made from a lightweight cotton broadcloth that's tie-dyed and assembled into a button-down collar shirt that you'll flex all fall, but still wear this upcoming spring and subsequent summer. 

There's also a rabbit-print shirt that's something out of a Hunter S. Thompson drug-fueled dream as he's blasting Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit," and hallucinating about the perfect American-made shirt that will turn any square into a stylish maniac.

If you're not that crazy, there are also ikat, leopard, and dot print shirts. Click here to shop the collection.