When a professional athlete partakes in a fashion editorial, they typically put themselves out there in looks that go way beyond their day-to-day style. Unfortunately for Nate Robinson, he ended up looking like Wesley Snipes in Blade as he wore an all-consuming black overcoat, oversized leather driving gloves, trousers with patches and panels, and quilted leather boots for Teyana Taylor's fashion blog, Taylor'd & Bow.

Nate Rob is seen thumbing through an issue of GQ, studying his hardest to become a "style rebel," but looks more at home with sword in hand, slaying vampires instead of learning 10 ways to dress down a suit. With the riding boots, paneled pants, and gloves, it's too bad the post-production didn't Photoshop in a bucking stallion from the underworld that breathes fire and tramples the demonic goblins that Nate the Great doesn't have the time to shoot down with his matte-black bow and arrows.

Sadly, the shoot was styled by an anonymous "Taylor'd & Bow," instead of having someone sign off on this sartorial masterpiece. But Nate has no problem with it. 

"Fashion wise, my style? I feel like I can damn near pretty much make anything look good, because of my confidence," he told the website.

At least he admits he looks like the "TermiNATEr."

[via Taylor'd & Bow]

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