The Met Gala, thrown for the benefit of the Costume Institute, can best be described as the "Oscars" of the fashion world, where all of the biggest celebrities come to hang out with Anna Wintour and show off their appreciation for style and designers. As you can expect, it's not cheap to attend this event, but this upcoming year, it will cost each attendant $25,000 per ticket, The New York Post's Page Six is reporting.

This past year's event drew controversy over its appropriation of punk culture, but guests were able to get into the event for a $15,000. That relatively cheap (kidding) option will no longer be available. The gossip publication is assuming that this higher entry ticket price will make the event "more aspirational," as only guests with serious guap can now witness events like Kanye West wearing crazy Givenchy and Tiger Woods getting shitfaced.

There's no word what the theme will be for the 2014 event, but if you want to attend, tell whoever you owe for your student loans that you're not paying them this year. Instead, you're going fashioning.

[via Page Six]