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Yesterday, the Internet was introduced to—and collectively repulsed by—the news that American Apparel was selling a T-shirt with a hairy, menstruating cartoon vagina on it. Even in the world of shock-value T-shirts, the tee was ran through the media and deemed too repulsive to actually wear.

In an interview with Vice, the shirt's designer, Petra Collins, says that the T-shirt was meant to shock and appall people at something that is a natural part of life. And in a world that's full of mass shootings, overt sexuality, and governments that shut down instead of compromising, doesn't she have kind of an awesome point?

"That we’re so shocked and appalled at something that’s such a natural state—and it’s funny that out of all the images everywhere, all of the sexually violent images, or disgustingly derogatory images, this is something that’s so, so shocking apparently," Collins said.

Collins, who wears the tee in public, isn't happy that people are viewing a vagina as something gross, but she has taken solace in the fact she just trolled the fuck out of everyone. "Deep down it really saddens me but it’s also awesome that I’ve just trolled the mainstream media," Collins said.

You may not have copped the tee—there's still a full-size run on American Apparel—but if you're looking to make a statement or not have to go to church, then here's your chance.

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