Nine-year-old Primo is one of four million children who attend schools without art classes. According to him, a perfect day would be to have math class cancelled and to get to create something instead. "There are so many better things to do than watch TV," he says in the video above. "Art is one of the best things."

Primo speaks about his wish for art and music education in a video series about public education in the US called "I Am Education: Kids Tell All." In his segment, Primo, a very well-spoken nine year old, addresses the lack of arts education in his school, Odyssey Charter School.

Odyssey Charter School used to have a "robust" art and music program, according to Principal Lauren O'Neill, but after 2008, the school's budged was cut by $350,000. Now the school must rely on help from parents to bring art and music into the school. Primo's words are a testament to how cutting arts programming has affected young students in America.

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