Junya Mafia started as a high fashion parody concept by streetwear brand Hellz Bellz. But today, what started as a joke between friends takes a huge step forward and has dropped an inaugural collection of dope apparel. Going beyond just beanies and snapbacks (which are still offered), Junya Mafia now has sweatpants, tees, and bomber jackets that play with '90s youth subculture and riff on high-fashion motifs. 

To celebrate Junya Mafia's return to the essence of streetwear's original intentions of humor, wit, and aesthetic, the brand filmed an awesome music video style lookbook. The video borrows bugged out concepts from Pharcyde’s video for "Drop," which was directed by Spike Jonze. Just kick back and watch everything unfold in the video above. Visit the Junya Mafia website to hop on these all styles before you get the dreaded "SOLD OUT" graphic over your favorite pieces.