A photographer based in Brooklyn has been using large-format instant film to create stunning nude portraits. While trying to bridge the gap between portrait photography and the aesthetic sensitivity of painting or sculpture, Jeff Enlow took to large-format instant film to create his portraits. Until now, he’s been using a Fuji 4x5 instant camera. Through the help of a Kickstarter project, he hopes to continue funding his Parallelogram project but with a much more specialized camera. 

Enloq hopes to secure enough funding to be able to shoot the remainder of his series with a 20x24 Polaroid. This camera is a massive machine, weighing 235 pounds, and generally can only be rented out for use. Further, the film itself is running out of stock, as Polaroid remains defunct. Each exposure costs about $500.

Check out more information on Enlow’s Kickstarter page.

Enlow is the News Photo Editor at Corbis Images and was previously a National Geographic Explorer

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