Art fairs aren't a part of mainstream entertainment, but they are certainly a spectacle for anyone who goes to buy or to look. This year's Frieze London (which is the biggest 7-day span of art market events in any European capital) is massive, containing Frieze, Frieze Masters, Frieze Projects, Frieze Talks, Frieze Film, Frieze Music, Frieze Sculpture Park, and Frieze Sounds. Bloomberg reports that the value of art on sale at this year's fair amounts to $2 billion, led by the five Jeff Koons works at Gagosian Gallery.

Out of the 152 galleries at Frieze and the 130 dealers at Frieze Masters, there is a seemingly endless amount of art to take in. Where does one even start?

Thankfully, VisitBritain and British Airways got us to the fair, where we saw it all. Sometimes, it's more about what you learned than what you like or dislike. This edition of Frieze brings the magic, and it's 100% a reflection of art as a market, educational, and as spectacle.

There is one more day to visit Frieze London, so buy tickets here or view a majority of the works at the fair on Artsy.

10 Things We Learned at Frieze London 2013