En Noir’s success has skyrocketed over the past year. It’s clothing has been seen on pretty much every major player in hip-hop, and it single-handedly made buttery leather the must-have material. But buried deep in every blog's comment section were a few people raising questions about the brand’s longevity. To the armchair designers and anonymous haters, designer Rob Garcia’s collection for En Noir's Fall/Winter 2013 is pretty much a resounding, “Fuck yeah, we’re here to stay.”

First off, the collection isn't solely leaning on leather anymore. Materials range from suede, fur, and a custom “coal wasteland” pattern printed on a silk-like fabric. Garcia dials up new designs from his playbook to offer an extensive offering of tailored blazers, motocross-inspired pants, trench coats, a military style M-65 jacket, plus more. The brand has always been about pushing the boundaries a little, and if you’re looking for that one piece next season, it has to be the leather vest that resembles a Roman soldier’s armor. No longer is En Noir strictly for the guys, either. While this lookbook doesn't show it, there’s some gear that will keep the ladies looking fly next season.

It’s nice to see a change of pace from En Noir. If the brand is able to switch it up and continue to produce the best of whatever new realm it enters, we'll continue to see the label dominate its competition.

[via VMan]

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