Vintage Coca-Cola clothing is always great to come across when sifting through the local thrift store. But a new partnership is offering a super dope alternative to moldy vintage pieces. Dr. Romanelli is using cut-and-sew mastery to transform old Coca-Cola pieces that were found in flea markets and vintage stores around the world into fragemented vests, jackets, windbreakers, button-up shirts, and trippy T-shirts.

Romanelli first got his cred up in the streetwear world by appropriating vintage Nike windbreakers and applying them to leather jackets. He continues with these same methods in this partnership with Coca-Cola and vintage pieces of the soda's clothing line from the '60s-'90s. The clothing harkens back to ye old Americana, but you won't look like a bearded dude with a lunch pail working on a railroad when you wear any piece of the collection that's limited to 200 total pieces.

There are patchwork denim jackets, full-length parkas, a button-up shirt that's reminiscent of a service station uniform. Even though it's rare, you won't have to search high and low to find these pieces. Starting this month everything will be available at Opening Ceremony, NoMad, United Arrows, Colette, Fruition, Unknwn, and more.