DIS Magazine, a digital media platform, and to.be have come up with an interesting product that you may actually want to wear: open source T-Shirts. Essentially, they're tees that feature blown-up stock images, including a Yamaha motorcycle, underwear, and a collage of shirts. You can even get one with a photo of a North Face jacket, giving the illusion you're wearing the real thing. 

The best part is you can customize it—zoom in or out on the image, place it on the back or front of the tee, and place the image in a rectangle, round, or triangle border. It's tough to explain, so just head over and try it out. The next best part is they're reasonably priced at $40 a shirt. How someone didn't think of this before is beyond us.

The week-long collaboration between DIS Magazine and creative space to.be will kick off with eight T-Shirts, with more to come throughout the week. Head to to.be/dis now to pick one up.