This feature is a part of Complex's Danny Brown Week.

Danny Brown has always had his own unique sense of style. Once upon a time, 50 Cent passed on signing him because he wasn't a fan of the Detroit MC's skinny jeans. Danny's look didn't fit in with the G-Unit aesthetic, but in keeping with his own musical and personal philosophy DB continued to act and dress just as he pleases. Now that Brown's album Old has splashed down, fucking up staid notions of what hip-hop can be, the eclectic and global influences that inform his music can still be seen in the way the wild-haired emcee laces up.

Danny Brown is no stranger to opulent clothing, but every style choice of his is deliberately thought-out, and each of his brand co-signs has a personal story and history behind it. Like the beats and rhymes on Old, DB taps into his love of British culture, his early years in Detroit, and of course the endless chase for pussy to create a tapestry of labels that no other rapper would have the honesty or humor to select. 

Much like his album, each piece of Danny Brown's style puzzle has its own story, which is how a true list of one's favorite clothing brands should read. He's come a long way from just being the rapper in skinny jeans. These are Danny Brown's 25 Favorite Brands.



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