Before he started the men's clothing juggernaut that is En Noir, designer Rob Garcia got his big break at streetwear brand Black Scale. Now the current manager of the En Noir, Curt@!ns, is releasing a capsule collection for Black Scale under the "Free World" brand.

The collection is a departure from the leather-heavy and brooding designs of En Noir, and features T-shirts, sweatshirts, a strapback hat, and even a varsity jacket. But it's not Curt@!ns' first go-around doing a Free World x Black Scale collaboration. The two worked together on a 2010 mixtape project that Curt@!ns released, but that only included a T-shirt and sweatshirt.

If you're a fan of Black Scale or En Noir, consider this collection a special treat. It's certainly not En Noir, but you're getting pieces from key players that have helped develop the brand. Expect the collection to drop Saturday, October 19 at Black Scale's website and all of its flagship retail locations.