Actress: Melissa Joan Hart
TV Show: Clarissa Explains It All (1991-94)

Even now, there are a lot of things about Clarissa Darling that make her a legend to girls across the land. She dresses like an agent of chaos, owns a little alligator named Elvis, has a best friend who climbs in through a ladder by her window (ok that one's weird), and she always handles whatever life has to throw at her with info graphics and bravery. When things get really tough though, she sits down at her desktop and programs elaborate computer games to help her play through her problems. It's the kind of problem solving that almost no one would tackle. Especially a young girl who has serious Ferg problems. It's impressive to see a young female character involved with computers and games, almost before that stereotype was cemented, but her free spirit and take-charge nature doesn't make the smooth transition to coding in DOS.