Medium: Performance, Venice, Calif.
Date: April 23, 1974

Burden said of this performance, "Inside a small garage on Speedway Avenue, I stood on the rear bumper of a Volkswagen. I lay on my back over the rear section of the car, stretching my arms onto the roof. Nails are driven through my palms onto the roof of the car. The garage door was opened and the car was pushed half way out into the speedway. Screaming for me the engine was run at full speed for two minutes. After two minutes, the engine was turned off and the car pushed back into the garage. The door was closed." Trans-fixed is one of Burden's most cited pieces. The documentation of Burden's performance recalls images of a crucified Jesus, but instead of a cross, Burden is nailed to a Volkswagen—"the car of the people," in Burden's terms. Somewhat humorously using a commercial car to evoke religious imagery of martyrdom, Burden demystifies the sacrificial act.