GENTRY BACK, GENTRY BACK. Or maybe it should be H.W. Carter & Sons back? I can’t tell. Technically I should probably use a 2 Chainz lyric because he changed his name and came back cooler and shit, right? Say what you will about re-branding efforts, but I’m down with Gentry AKA H.W. Carter & Sons AKA Tity Boi because their brand selection is fucking ill. And I don’t want to hear anyone being like, “Ew, that store makes it too easy to get into #menswear, they just bought everything cool.” YEAH, THAT’S THE FUCKING POINT OF A STORE, YOU GUYS. THE ONLY BRAND TO EVER PULL OFF MAKING SHOPPING KINDA DIFFICULT BY HIDING THEIR STORE LOCATIONS WAS NOM DE GUERRE. Check out this editorial featuring Engineered Garments and maybe ruminate on changing your name. You never know, maybe all your career needs is a name change.