After a Halloween-appropriate piece yesterday evening, this morning Banksy put up a new work with a lot less hoopla—and the dripping red does look a little spooky. For the 26th piece in his New York residency, Banksy sprayed the words, "The grumpier you are, the more assholes you meet..." on a truck in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. On his website, below the image of the new graffiti, Banksy writes, "Alternative New York bumper slogan."

This isn't the first time Banksy has played with New York stereotypes. For his second piece, he used stylized graffiti to write, "This is my New York Accent," and he stenciled "...normally I write like this" underneath. Also, this is Banksy's third work involving a truck. Earlier this month, he (or his helpers) drove around the "Mobile Waterfall" and "Sirens of the Lambs." This one, however, may not be owned by Banksy, so it's yet to be seen who will claim this work as their property.

UPDATE: The truck is parked at 131 47th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, according to Animal New York. So far, people are only dirt tagging the truck.

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