Today Banksy put up a stencil over buffed graffiti that reads, "This site contains blocked messages" in Greenpoint at Noble and West Streets. According to his website, Banksy's 27th piece for his New York residency was supposed to be an op-ed for the New York Times that criticized One World Trade Center for being to bland, spineless, and safe. The Times rejected his writing, so Banksy put up this censorship-themed work as a result. 

While the street art is clever in its usual Banksy-esque way, the more interesting part of today's work is his New York Times piece, where he attacks something very personal for the people of New York. In the op-ed, Banksy writes of the Daniel Libeskind-designed building, "How does it stand up without a spine? It looks like it never wanted to be built in the first place." While Banksy may have a lot of fans online, this article may turn off many from his cause. Also, the Times may have rejected the op-ed for good reason. While One World Trade Center is a parsed-down version of Libeskind's original design, can we really call a building that towers over the skyline and rises up like a sharp knife made of glass "shy"?

UPDATE OCT. 28 12:42 P.M. ET: Banksy's piece in Greenpoint was painted over by a woman in a hard hat and mask, according to Gothamist. 


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