Steady Zine is back with their fourth issue, this time with the theme of "People." Photographers Brian Kelley (Killing it Everyday), Daniel Zvereff (Zvereff), and Justin Hogan (Thankscamera) chose subjects to study, which resulted in fascinating examinations of the graffiti artist Remio, a homeless man Eli, and rapper A$AP Ferg.

The introduction to the "People" issue reads:

It would be a mistake to consider the word person synonymous with human. People are more than just a specific breed of warm-blooded animal. To be a person is to be complex, thoughtful, emotional and idiosyncratic, to have ideas and feelings that no one else is capable of having in the same way. A person is the individualized shaping of a human that happens through a mix of environment, experience and education. This is the (albeit over-simplified) reason why no two people are the same.

Even in considering identical twins that grow up in the same household and attend the same schools, their own collection of fleeting “life” moments will keep them from ever becoming exact clones of one another. These moments are the ones that can escape you if you’re not paying close enough attention. The seemingly insignificant, sometimes mundane or even accidental blips of being that happen quickly and in between bigger life milestones. These are the experiences that you keep as secrets with yourself, the ones that shape your idea of the world, and thus, your individualized self. 

Digital copies of the issue are available on the Steady website and hard copies are available in New York (for free) at 21 Mercer, CRC, Dashwood Books, DQM, DQM general store, Dunderdon, KCDC, La Colombe (Soho, 4th Street), Labor Skateshop, Manhattan Color Labs, Raised By Wolves, Reed Space, Saturdays (Soho), and St Marks Books. 

Watch an introductory video below:

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