Sculptor Anish Kapoor recently installed this piece entitled "Sky Mirror" in the east plaza of the AT&T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys. The 15-ton, three-story tall sculpture is the newest addition to the team's art collection, which was started when the stadium opened in 2009 and now features 56 works from a range of artists including Annette Lawrence, Daniel Buren, Gary Simmons, Jacqueline Humphries, Terry Haggerty, Ricci Albenda, and Mel Bochner

Kapoor's sculpture is a stainless steel dish that measures 35 feet across and is tilted at an angle so that it reflects the clouds from one angle and the person looking in it from another. The dish sits on a large granite base and faces a reflecting pool. In an article about the collecton, David Pagel writes: "The more you move, the more you see. The longer you look, the more points of view you experience. In a single sculpture, Kapoor demonstrates that art holds a mirror up to the both nature and society, capturing the beauty of the heavens above and the ground below while making room for people of all shapes and stripes to reflect on our place in the world."

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[via ArtInfo]